Network Marketing Lead Generation Builds Your Direct Sale Business

Network Marketing Lead Generation builds your Direct Sales business. Whether you’re new to network marketing, attraction marketing, or the directs sales world, lead generation is one of your biggest expenses and greatest concerns in the network marketing business today. You’re tired of paying for leads that have been sold over and over again. You’re tired of spending 100s of dollars with nothing to show for it. You no longer want to “hunt” for prospects in the traditional sense, plaguing family and friends to the bitter end. You’ve heard about attraction marketing and now you want to know what it can do for your marketing opportunity. Can it really help you succeed in your business? Does it have a place in direct sales?

Let’s take a look:

  • Attraction Marketing creates a venue where you no longer seek/hound your potential leads, family, and friends”…”they come to you.
  • Attraction Marketing selflessly brings “value” to your future business partners giving them information and education that will build their business and ultimately yours.
  • Attraction Marketing puts your client first by sharing, teaching, and giving value to their business hopes and dreams.
  • Relationship/Attraction Marketing takes the pressure off of you to create the perfect sales pitch”…”instead, you make a new friend, business partner, and achiever.

Let’s put that together in a Direct Sales setting.

  • You have a product and business opportunity that you want to share with customers, network marketers, distributors, and future coaches/team leaders
  • Through Attraction Marketing you build a relationship with individuals by sharing value, marketing ideas, sales strategies, and networking tips and tools
  • Your future partners see value in what you are offering; and ultimately you help them grow their business, creating a funnel of success for both parties
  • You can give them the relationship marketing tools that are not readily available to them elsewhere. They see what you have to offer, and want to be a part of your team.
  • You now have a great opportunity, a great product, great network marketing strategies, a relationship, and a new partner.

The decision is always up to us. Do we want to stay where we are, doing what we do, hoping for the best?
The attraction marketing concept isn’t new, but the planning, marketing, and focus is. Take steps to learn new tools, strategies, and techniques that build your direct marketing business today.

This works for me, it can work for you!

Are you willing to wait the next 18 months to get your business moving? You don’t have to “…” Let us show you how to do it in less than 6 months.

To your success!

Coupons And Brochures As A Part Of Your Direct Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing is the backbone of any business. Without a strong direct marketing strategy, it’s going to be hard to promote your business via a strategy that is all about math and response. In fact, I personally advise that you use direct marketing because it’s the cornerstone of all successful marketing.Direct marketing is all about driving your visitors to take action regarding your product or service. Instead of brand advertising where all you’re doing is “getting your name out there), direct response is all about making your advertising dollars accountable, and is also about offering multiple means of response so that they can contact you. This is the best way to market your business.Are you currently using brand advertising? If so, how is it going for you? My assumption is that it’s not doing you any good, because you’re searching on the web looking for the “secret” strategy or technique that will take your business to the next level. And you should know that brand advertising isn’t the way to go. It’s all about direct response marketing.So how can you start putting direct response marketing into work for your business? Well it’s rather simple actually, and the techniques that I am about to show you are easy to implement. Let’s take a look at the first direct marketing strategy that you can use in your business:1) CouponsThis is easy to measure, because you will a lot of people walking into your store redeeming their coupon to buy something within your store. I like offering coupons because people love them, and they feel like they’re getting a great deal on one of your products.Your coupon should focus on offering something that wouldn’t necessarily be offered in your store alone. For folks who don’t buy much from you, this is a great way to reactivate these customers, and to get them back into your business to buy more of your products. Here’s another direct marketing strategy that you can use in your business.2) BrochuresYou can do a lot with brochures. In fact, I’ve seen books on marketing with brochures that look very promising. Your brochure should be set up almost like a catalog. Include many pictures along with detailed information about the product(s) that you’re trying to sell. This is a really good technique in the real estate business.I learned from brochures and I think you can learn something too from them. You will still want to create your brochure using direct response marketing principles. Include headlines, good body copy, a strong close, and some photos that can help to do the marketing job for you.Coupons and brochures are 2 ways to start marketing your business successfully today. Even if you think you can’t use these marketing strategies, I’m confident that you will be able to use them with 100% effectiveness. So get out there and start using these techniques to your advantage.Good luck with using these 2 marketing strategies in your business today.

Direct Mail Vs Email Part 2: How Email Is a Formidable Marketing Tool As Well

While direct mail is an extremely effective tool for marketers, it also has its drawbacks. The obvious disadvantage it has is the cost and amount of time and energy you spend going through the process. It is also prone to the pitfalls of the postal system. Not all mail goes exactly to their intended destination.

Direct mail also forces you to dedicate yourself only on very specific geographic spots and market segments thus limiting. Though this can be seen as both a disadvantage and a benefit. It really depends on your marketing perspective.

Given direct mail’s shortcomings, we thankfully have email to make up for it.

Its most apparent advantage over email is that it is cheaper, faster and a whole lot more convenient to send and receive your mail. Email is an almost hassle-free medium to keep in touch with your customers you can send them any number of emails in any time of the day. Through email, you can effortlessly send weekly online newsletters or quick thank you notes. It can also be easily act as a bridge to your online sales page or website.

Another advantage is that direct mail allows you to send to a wider audience and geographic area (you must beware though of being too scattershot and less targeted in your approach).

Since every part of the process is automated, you also have the extraordinary benefit of receiving reliable analytics and results in your efforts. You can effortlessly track down the actions and online behavior of your target with his or her every click.

However you must also be very prudent and shrewd about the emails you send out as you may run the risk of being filtered as spam, and internet users do not like getting spam. It is advised that you send an e-mail only to those who have given you consent to do so. This considered, e-mail is a great medium for follow-ups or introducing a new offering to your current and loyal customers.

Bearing in mind the varying benefits and costs of direct mail and email, we must thus regard both not as two options of the same kind but two completely different promotional methods with their own unique uses.

Perhaps the best way to employ direct mail and email is by integrating both of them and banking on their specific advantages. One way to do this is by sending a direct mail piece then following it up or having them respond through email or other online means.

That way, you get the best of both worlds.