Benefits of using custom boxes for a food item

Everybody loves food especially fast food. That’s why it is compulsory to present fast food like hot dogs to the customers in fascinating hot dog boxes. In this era, you have the option to customize the stunning style of the custom boxes as well. These boxes keep the hot dogs fresh and tasty. So, you can customize them by choosing the fascinating packaging material that secures them. It means you have to select the material wisely to protect the food as it is a matter of human health.

On the other hand, the outstanding custom hot dog holders have the option to customize in different designs with elegant prints as well. It enhances the value of food and attracts others to buy from you. The benefit of custom boxes is to enhance the value of your brand and protect the food from any damage. That’s why make sure, the elegant design and appealing packaging are fine that appeal to the customers to buy from you.

Custom boxes enhance your product sale rate
When customers visit your brand and find your product different from another brand due to the unique packaging, automatically they prefer your brand. Hence, custom hot dog boxes can design into different shapes and structures that can secure the tastes and fresheners of the hot dogs. Meanwhile, it is important to increase your product sale and it will happen based on fascinating designs. So, make sure that designs are elegant and appreciated at the same time.

On the other hand, gable, sleeve, a window die cut and front and reverse end tuck boxes are applicable while presenting the hot dogs. You can design the custom hot dog box packaging in such shapes and make the brand and food more appealing for your worthy cellist. Meanwhile, the attraction relies on the printing scheme of the boxes as well. So go for further customization techniques that made the fascinating look of the boxes as well.

Besides that, the sturdiness of the hot dog boxes also matters because it gives an impactful look to the customer’s mind. They will appreciate your effort in making the most fascinating designs, eco-friendly packaging, and lavish appearance of the boxes. So, customize the boxes in such a way that appeals to the onlookers to at least visit your brand once a week. Your brand will become more fascinating for the buyers.

It gives you the confidence to represent your brand worldwide
Many successful restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s are globally working due to the fresh taste of the hot dogs and amazing packaging. So, it means you also have to prefer the best packaging designs of the Hot Dog Packaging Wholesale that are attractive and lavish as well. On the other hand, the material must be fascinating and sturdy that gives an extraordinary stance to your brand. Hence, it will appeal to the customers to consider our brand before first thought to any other brand.

Present your brand by having an elegant logo on the custom hot dog holders. The logo of the brand is your identity, so put focus on the readable fonts that are attractive as well. Meanwhile, you can select different water and color marks to make your logo more fascinating and attractive. On the other hand, your brand tagline is also catchy for the visitors that engraved ion their mind within the first sight. Hence, people will recommend your brand to others as well due to your worthy packaging and the freshness of the food.

You can print out the custom hot dog boxes to make them more appealing
The use of printed hot dog boxes is much better than blank and boring boxes. At least it provides the pleasurable look of the food and brand as well. That’s why prefer an amazing color scheme that makes the brand more enchanting. Meanwhile, the latest technology develops the most stunning color looks of the boxes that are wonderful in appearance.

So, select any of the colors and make your box more prominent and elegant. So, before giving an order to your selected company ask them to let you know about the color schemes of the hot dog holders. Then select the interesting color and get your desired boxes.

On the other hand, companies must tell the clients about the latest printing technique that bring the enchanting look of the boxes in no time. Hence, the use of CMYK and PMS together creates the most stunning look of the custom Cardboard Hot Dog Boxes.

You can make the boxes more elegant by having 3D/2D printing and getting a digital look of the hot dog boxes as well. This must be your brand strategy to go for such colors that are vibrant and not much and irritating as well. in this way, you will be able to grab the attention of your visitors.

Direct Mail Vs Email Part 2: How Email Is a Formidable Marketing Tool As Well

While direct mail is an extremely effective tool for marketers, it also has its drawbacks. The obvious disadvantage it has is the cost and amount of time and energy you spend going through the process. It is also prone to the pitfalls of the postal system. Not all mail goes exactly to their intended destination.

Direct mail also forces you to dedicate yourself only on very specific geographic spots and market segments thus limiting. Though this can be seen as both a disadvantage and a benefit. It really depends on your marketing perspective.

Given direct mail’s shortcomings, we thankfully have email to make up for it.

Its most apparent advantage over email is that it is cheaper, faster and a whole lot more convenient to send and receive your mail. Email is an almost hassle-free medium to keep in touch with your customers you can send them any number of emails in any time of the day. Through email, you can effortlessly send weekly online newsletters or quick thank you notes. It can also be easily act as a bridge to your online sales page or website.

Another advantage is that direct mail allows you to send to a wider audience and geographic area (you must beware though of being too scattershot and less targeted in your approach).

Since every part of the process is automated, you also have the extraordinary benefit of receiving reliable analytics and results in your efforts. You can effortlessly track down the actions and online behavior of your target with his or her every click.

However you must also be very prudent and shrewd about the emails you send out as you may run the risk of being filtered as spam, and internet users do not like getting spam. It is advised that you send an e-mail only to those who have given you consent to do so. This considered, e-mail is a great medium for follow-ups or introducing a new offering to your current and loyal customers.

Bearing in mind the varying benefits and costs of direct mail and email, we must thus regard both not as two options of the same kind but two completely different promotional methods with their own unique uses.

Perhaps the best way to employ direct mail and email is by integrating both of them and banking on their specific advantages. One way to do this is by sending a direct mail piece then following it up or having them respond through email or other online means.

That way, you get the best of both worlds.

Marketing Advice for House Cleaning Businesses

Avoid Ineffective Advertising

Let’s examine the target market for a house cleaning business. The majority of your prospective customers will be upper-middle class, middle age professionals who do not have the time to clean, but do have the financial resources to hire a cleaning company. Other prospects will fall into either the 30 – 40 age group with younger children at home, or the 60 – 80 age group. They are looking for a professionally run cleaning business which guarantees customer satisfaction, and stands behind that guarantee.

How do you advertise to such a broad age group? TV, Newspapers, Radio? Unfortunately, there is such a great variance in interests that it is impossible to reach all prospects with just one of these media. Therefore, an ongoing marketing strategy that incorporates all media sources is optimal.

By keeping your company continuously in front of the consumer you become known to them. When they receive your direct mail piece, notice your car signs in their neighborhood, see your TV ads, find you in the yellow pages and on the internet, you’ve hit all the bases. Chances are you’ll be the first company they consider when they need a cleaning service.


A “brand” is the memory created through a person’s collective experience of a company, product or service. Therefore, your logo; verbal and written promises; physical appearance of cleaning technicians, cleanliness of cars and equipment; customer testimonials — both verbal and written; and finally the personal experience in each home and on the phone “brands” your company image into the public’s mind. Every experience you provide must be consistent with the image you want to create. Branding is marketing, and marketing includes every aspect of public contact.


In order for your marketing to succeed your prospects must be exposed to it when they’re in a receptive frame of mind. You wouldn’t want your direct mail pieces to be delivered Monday through Thursday because some prospects are busy thinking about work and time management issues. Friday and Saturday are the days which your direct mail piece will have a more likely chance of being read.

Similarly, placing a newspaper ad in the Business section would be less likely to attract the attention you desire — your ads should be placed in the Home and Garden section to be read at a time that your prospects are focused on their home. Follow this same principle if you use local TV advertising by running your ads during programs which are geared toward upper-income viewers, at a time that they are relaxed and focused on home life, i.e. food, home, or travel shows.


Television is by far the most expensive form of marketing. Also, it provides the least amount of qualified leads. If you are determined to produce a TV commercial do some research first: Contact all of your local TV stations and ask for samples of commercials they have produced for local companies. Be aware that the stations will not send sample tapes without first determining if you are a valid prospect – you will have to meet with advertising salespeople. Set aside at least two hours each for the appointments and related phone calls from sales people. After you have met with a few salespeople you will know if your budget can handle TV advertising.

If you decide to continue with this venue ask each salesperson for samples of commercials their stations have produced, you may have to insist that this is a preliminary step to their gaining your business. When you view the commercials, note the names of the companies which are service oriented – then call each one and inquire about the results of their TV ad campaign. Ask the following questions:

o Were your ads run during programs that were geared toward upper income viewers?

o Were you certain that your ads did indeed run as scheduled, or were they “bumped” by higher dollar advertisers?

o If your ads were “bumped” from your desired spot, did the station run them during inappropriate programs and charge you anyway?

o After the commercial ran, did qualified prospects call for estimates?

o What was the ratio of qualified vs. unqualified prospects?

o Were the results worth the amount you spent on this form of advertising?

o What marketing vehicle have you found to be the most effective?

Be certain your contract states that if your ad is bumped from it’s spot you will NOT be charged if it is moved to programming you have not pre-approved. Be forewarned that your salesperson has no idea what is going on with your ad, and has no control over it once it has been sent to the lineup personnel. If at the last minute your ad is bumped, it may become a filler ad at 2am on a court-TV rerun.

Finally, record the time slots you have pre-approved so that you can determine if your advertising budget has been working for you or against you. If your ad did not run as specified in your contract, you have proof – use it! Call the salesperson, and if necessary speak to the station manager in order to have the ad run during appropriate programming – and if your contact states such, do not pay for ads which were not properly run.

Direct Mail

We have found that direct mail gives the highest return per dollar, and is guaranteed to reach all who you target — if your mail piece is cost effective and your mailing list is accurate. Your choices for direct mail are letters, brochures or postcards. Letters are most likely to be considered junk-mail and will be unopened, and brochures can be expensive to produce. Therefore, the most cost effective direct mail piece is a postcard. Postcards are non-invasive, quickly read, easily saved or carried to work, and are economical. Whether or not the cards are read, they display your logo on both sides; therefore, repetitively sending postcards instills name recognition.

Your postcard should state the customer satisfaction guarantee, services you offer, insurances carried, your website address, and phone numbers. You can have an advertising firm create a postcard for you, or save money by using the pre-formatted cards from MaidDocs.

Send your customers and dormant customers a marketing piece at least twice each year. During months that business is slow, offer discounts on deep cleaning services for your current customers. Spring cleaning and pre-holiday specials are the best vehicles to renew business with dormant customers and to reach new prospects.

Direct mail lists are available through a number of sources. The most economical lists we have found are the “City Search” discs offered by Hill-Donnelly. Telephone assistance is provided by Hill-Donnelly to teach you how to extract information from the discs and save it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Other lists are available through many sources which you can locate on the internet. Also, most companies offer the information pre-sorted onto mailing labels, ready to peel-and-stick.

Visit your local post office and purchase a First Class pre-paid mailing permit. The USPS representative will provide instructions on how to set up the permit block. When your postcards are printed you simply count out the number to be mailed, and then deliver them to the bulk-mail representative at your local post office. This saves time (no applying stamps by hand) and looks more professional.


Door-knockers are marketing pieces that are pre-cut to hang on a door knob. Although they are inexpensive to produce, paying your employees to deliver them can be costly. Also, there is the chance that they will toss the door-knockers out and add delivery hours to their timesheet. Therefore, door knockers are not a cost effective means of advertising unless you plan to deliver them yourself, or have an effective tracking method for delivery.


Local service companies are often listed for free on community pages. Find them all and present them with your information. Many offer online submission forms – but if you need to call and personally ask to be listed, it is well worth the effort. Include your logo, website and email addresses in each listing.

Having your own website is desirable. Depending upon the area you are servicing, a percentage of your business will come directly from prospects surfing the web for cleaning service companies. Other prospects may receive a marketing piece or find your ad in the yellow pages, and visit the website before calling. Prospects who call but don’t book a service should be directed to the website as a means to reiterate your phone conversation and to view customer testimonials.

You should be able to find a local web developer in the yellow pages, or better yet, ask other small business owners for a reference. Once you have a few candidates ask them for the addresses of websites which they have developed. Log on to these sites and visit all of the pages to ascertain whether the design and visitor generated forms give an impression that is compatible with the branding you want for your company. When you determine which designs match your needs, send an e-mail to the business owners asking if they are satisfied with the knowledge and service provided by the webmaster.

Yellow Pages

Many prospects will search the yellow pages for service companies. Some will look you up in the yellow pages when they receive a direct mail piece – just to verify that you are a legitimate company. Most of the information which is on your postcard should be listed in the yellow pages ad. If this is cost prohibitive, then simply state “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and always list your website address.

When considering the type of ads to place, remember that your ad must stand out from the competition. Research all of your local phone books and notice which ads catch your eye. A good bet is a “knock-out” ad with at least 2 colors. The “knock-out” removes the yellow background and leaves a crisp, attention grabbing white field among all the yellow ads. For a lesser cost you may list your company in the yellow pages free listing column with a knock-out and color. Make this ad a minimum of four 4 lines, with color.

Be certain to call your local yellow pages to ascertain their deadlines for placing ads in the next edition. It would be a shame to miss this marketing vehicle and have to wait a full year to be listed.

White Pages

Yellow knock-outs can be incorporated into your white pages listing. Make this ad a minimum of four 4 lines, and add color if you can afford it. Remember to list your website address here also.


Newspapers are the second most used form of advertising for small businesses, following directly after the Yellow Pages. Your ads should be placed in Home and Garden section to be read at a time that your prospects are focused on their home. Of course Sunday is the ultimate day to advertise, but also the most expensive. Also, most papers publish special sections that may run only once per month or several times per year – budget extra advertising dollars to run your ad in all home or leisure specials.

Double check all written information from the sales department to assure that your ads will be run in the proper sections. Insist on viewing a “proof” of the ad and having a final approval before publishing. Keep in mind that you must accommodate the newspaper’s schedule – if you do not provide feedback in a timely manner your ad will either miss the print or it will proceed without your approval.

Finally — read the paper to be certain that your ad was properly printed and placed. If the paper made an error, you should insist on a reprint in the next comparable edition.

Measuring Success

You can measure the success of your marketing campaign by keeping a record of how many estimates are generated, and how many are converted to customers. By tracking all responses according to their sources, you can test individual ad campaigns to see which marketing approach and special offers produce the most profitable results for your cleaning business. Then focus your marketing budget on the avenues which are most productive.

Note: A further discussion of marketing can be found in the MaidDocs Business Owner’s Manual available at

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